Integtel Networks



1- IP PABX Call Center CRM and Video Conferencing (3CXPhone System)

2- CRM & ERP for SMB and Larg size Enterprise (Bitrix24, Vtiger & Freshdesk)
3- Call accounting and billing software for many PABX’s (Tariscope)
4- Remote Application Server (Parallels RAS) Virtulization
5- Online Vulnerability Scanner and Website Security Software (Acunetix)

6- Fingerprint / RFID Card Time Attendance Device w/ TCP/IP (Anviz EP300)
7- Fingerprint / RFID Card Time Attendance Device w/ TCP/IP (Anviz W1)
8- Fingerprint / RFID Card Time Att. & Access Control w/ TCP/IP (Anviz W2)
9- GSM Fixed Wireless Terminal (GSM/YT-199D)
10- GSM VoIP Gateway 8 SIMs w/SMS Supprt (GoIP8)
11- IP SIP Phone, 2 LAN and POE Design (Fanvil C58P)
12- IP SIP Phone, 2 LAN and POE Design (Cisco 7940 Used)
13- IP SIP Phone, 2 LAN and POE Design (Cisco 7960 Used)

14- Headphone for Call center & Music, USB (JeDEL HU-728)
15- Headset for Call Center High quality (Plantronics Blackwire 310)
16- Headset for Call Center, High quality (Plantronics Blackwire 320)
17- VoIP Gateway Router, 2 FXO, 4 FXO, 8 FXO, 16 FXO (Dinstar DAG)
18- VoIP ATA, 1 LAN and 2 FXS ports (Linksys PAP2T)
19- VoIP ATA, 1 LAN, 1 FXS and 1 FXO port (SOYO G1681)
20- Industrial RS232 to 485 Converter (Hexin HXSP-485A)
21- Industrial RS232 to 485/422 Converter (Hexin HXSP-09F69)
22- Industrial RS232 to USB Converter (Model HL)
23- Industrial USB to TCP/IP Converter (AirLink 101)
24- Industrial RS232/485/422 to TCP/IP Device Server (GridConnect ATC-1000)
25- Industrial Bluetooth RS232 Adapter (Sena SD-100)
26- Industrial Bluetooth RS232 Access Point (Sena MSP-100)
27- Fiber Optic Media Converters, SM/MM, 10/100 and Giga bps
28- Fiber Optic Patch Cords SC-SC, SC-FC, SC-LC, LC-FC, FC-ST, SC-ST, LC-ST
29- Fiber Optic Adapters SC-SC, FC-FC, LC-LC, ST-ST, FC-SC, SC-ST
30- Fiber Optic ODFs 4, 8, 12, 24 & 48 Ports

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